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Local Team With Unique Methods To Get Rid Of Flooded Carpet Odours 

Are you observing strong odours in your home? Are they coming from carpets? In case you are planning to replace your carpet just because it is smelling bad, we can help. Flood Damage Restoration Adelaide is a local carpet deodorization company in Adelaide. We have a talented team of Carpet Deodorization Adelaide professionals. You can book us any time within Adelaide. Carpet odours are unhygienic and if not treated on time, may stay on your belongings for a long time. Carpet odours mostly occur due to wet or moist carpets. So, if your carpet has been wet due to flooding or any reason, do hire us as soon as possible. Dial us at 08 7100 9103

When Is The Best Time To Deodorize Your Flooded Carpets?

There are so many options to deodorise the carpet. Among all, the best time to deodorise your flooded carpet is after a deep steam cleaning. Once your carpet is clean and dried fully, take a gap of half an hour. Then spray your deodoriser evenly throughout the carpet. However, this process of deodorizing is best done by professionals. Our Carpet Deodorization Adelaide team provides the best results. We have trained professionals who exactly know when and how to deodorize your carpet in order to get the best results.

 Problems Solved By Our Carpet Deodorization Adelaide Service 

There are so many problems that our carpet cleaners resolve by doing carpet deodorisation treatments. Have a look at some of the serious issues below:

  • Removes The Odour Source: In case you are unable to identify the odour source, we can help. Our specialist carpet cleaners first inspect your carpet thoroughly. After identifying the odour source, we remove it. It may be moistness, presence of moulds, stale food, etc. 
  • Makes Your Room Breathable: If your carpet room smells so bad that you don’t even wish to stand there, then our service will work. Schedule us for home carpet deodorisation in Adelaide now. 
  • Prevents Allergies & Respiratory Illnesses: Are you aware of the fact that a wet carpet is an invitation to several diseases and negativity. Some common issues that are caused due to carpet odours are- skin rashes, asthma and cough and cold, etc. Our services aim at reducing all these problems by giving reliable services. 

What is Covered In Our Carpet Deodorization?

  • Ozone generators for rapid odour removal

Ozone generators are extremely beneficial to remove all carpet odours. From pet urines, stale food, moisture to smoke smells. Our company has invested in unique ozone generators to make carpet deodorisation quick and effective. 

  • Essential Oils

We further use a variety of essential oils in our deodorisation process. Moreover, we have a variety of essential oils. So, you are free to choose the one that smells best according to your needs. 

  • Carbon and HEPA filtered air scrubbing

Due to smelly carpets, the indoor air quality also gets reduced. Therefore, we use a special Carbon and HEPA filtered air scrubbing. In this type of scrubbing, we remove tiny to large smelly particles from air and carpets. 

  • Chemical and Eco-friendly Treatments

Our company believes in performing caret deodorisation services in an environmentally friendly way. Therefore, we make use of many natural essential oils and low toxic solutions. So, you get a pet and child friendly carpet odour removal service.

Top Reasons To Trust Us For Carpet Deodorization In Adelaide 

  • 24 by 7 At Work: All of our carpet deodorization Adelaide staff stays active 24 hours and 7 days a week. So, whenever you face smelly carpets, reach out to us.  
  • Qualified Carpet Cleaners: Our carpet cleaners undergo training, hold licenses and have years of expertise in doing carpet deodorisation services. So, high quality service is always assured. 
  • Updated Tools: We have adopted branded tools and methods of carpet deodorisation. Therefore, you may choose us for the latest carpet odour removal service.
  • Same Day Service: We provide same day carpet deodorizing services to Adelaide clients. So, if you wish to have odour removal treatment today, book us now. 


Do I need to prepare anything for the carpet deodorisation service Adelaide?

No, if you book us for a carpet odour removal in Adelaide. Our carpet cleaners will do everything- from shifting furniture to putting them back after service. 

Are you active on weekends for carpet odour removals?

Yes, all of our carpet deodorisation services can be availed on weekends and public holidays. Furthermore, you can hire us per your free time/ convenience. 

Are your carpet deodorisers safe for my pet? 

Yes, all of our carpet deodorisers or chemical products used during the service are safe and pet- friendly. However, we still suggest you keep your pet away for at least 2 hours post carpet odour removal treatment. 

Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia

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