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Most Reliable Wet Carpet Cleaning Service In Adelaide 

Flood Damage Restoration Adelaide is Adelaide’s leading wet carpet cleaning company. We are professional carpet cleaners that are excelling at a variety of methods and processes. We have hundreds of happy clients that have recruited us for different Wet Carpet Cleaning Adelaide services. Moreover, our learned carpet cleaners offer detailed inspections and rapid cleaning results. 

Through years of hard work and dedication, our company has gained a reputation in this carpet cleaning industry. You are free to check out our reviews before choosing us for wet carpet cleaning. So, be ready for a quick carpet cleaning service and book us at 08 7100 9103

How Do Our Professionals Finish Your Wet Carpet Cleaning In 4 Quick Steps?

Our Wet Carpet Cleaning Adelaide team uses the best tools, solutions, and technology to provide service. Not only are we the best service providers but also give services at very competitive rates. Check out how do we complete wet carpet cleaning in the 4 steps below:

  • Schedule Your Service: The very first step is to schedule an appointment with us. For bookings, you can directly reach out to us on our toll free number. Consult your wet carpet cleaning requirement and location, and we will reach you soon. 
  • Meet Your Cleaning Expert: Next, you meet the cleaning expert that is going to conduct the wet carpet cleaning for you. For this, our company always sends a trained and experienced carpet cleaner. 
  • Get Professional Advice: After meeting the professional carpet cleaner, he/she will share his views on your carpet. As well as assist you with some no obligation and free cleaning quotations. 
  • Get The Best Cleaning Service: Lastly, our carpet cleaner chooses the best suitable cleaning service for you. Moreover, we ensure you get superior quality carpet cleaning results whenever you book us. 

Wet Carpet Cleaning Adelaide Process That We Follow For Amazing Outcomes

Our wet carpet cleaning process is simple and effective. It consists of six steps. 

  • The carpet is first sprayed with a natural cleaning liquid. 
  • Secondly, our carpet cleaners clean your carpet by using brushes and pads. These steps help in eradicating the tiniest soils and dirt that is embedded in the carpet. 
  • Thirdly, we clean the stains and spots from the carpet. 
  • Rinse the carpet fabric with steam cleaning/carpet shampooing. 
  • The pre-final step is carpet deodorization and sanitisation.
  • Lastly, we finish off the cleaning by vacuuming and drying the carpet. 

Cleaning Methods That Are Effective For Wet Carpets   

Carpets are mostly attacked by stains, spills and dirt. Moreover, the trouble doubles if there is a water leak or flood at your place. This may lead to wet carpeting. Our company uses the two most suitable methods for effective wet carpet cleaning service. Among all, carpet steam cleaning and deep carpet shampooing are the best ones. Let us read about them in detail:

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning 

We provide top notch carpet steam cleaning services for wet carpets. As steam is useful in providing a deep clean experience, your carpets get better than before. Our company has professionals for carpet steam cleaning. We reach your place on time and give a stress free service. Also, our carpet steam cleaning is delivered at a very nominal charge. 

  • Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is often recommended for people who have a lot of time. It is because this method involves a lot of water usage. But, if your carpet is already wet or has recently been damaged by flood, this will work. Furthermore, our carpet shampoos are locally made and pre-tested. So, rest assured when you appoint us for carpet shampooing treatments in Adelaide. 

Special Bullets Of Difference In Wet Carpet Cleaning Service By Our Company

  • Latest Equipment: Our company maximizes the use of updated tools and techniques for cleaning carpets.
  • Stain Wizards: Not a single stain remains after we treat your carpets. Book us for a carpet stain-free service! 
  • Early Morning Bookings: You are free to schedule us in the early mornings too. 
  • Accurate Quote: Our expert carpet cleaners give exact and suitable cleaning quotations to you. 
  • No Hidden Fees: We do not charge any hidden expenses in our wet carpet cleaning offerings. Prices are fair and accurate. 


How much time is needed to dry wet carpets? 

It nearly takes 4 to 5 hours to dry the wet carpet fully. However, switch on fans, open windows and sunlight further speed up the drying. 

Do you provide home carpet cleaning services in Adelaide?

Yes, we provide excellent wet carpet cleanings for domestic premises in Adelaide. You can give us a call anytime and then we will send our local carpet cleaners to your home. Also, you get same day service. 

Will carpet shampooing destroy carpet fibres? 

No, when you appoint us for carpet shampooing its quality gets better. However, if you try a DIY method for shampooing your carpet, you may end up messing the carpet.  

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